The Universal Childern’s Day

One in ten children, or 220 million children worldwide, are growing up without the loving care of a parent or the support they need as children. This puts the child’s emotional, physical, and mental development and his or her future at serious risk. SOS Children’s Villages therefore is launching a worldwide campaign on 21 November on the Universal Children’s Day titled No child should grow up alone.
Loving care for a child means:
• Loving and stable care from at least one adult;
• A home that guarantees the child’s physical and emotional safety and well-being
• Adequate nutrition, health care, education, and other basic needs as children
“If even one of these three things is missing”, says SOS Children’s Villages Zambia National Director, Joseph S Munsanje “it can have serious consequences for a child’s physical, emotional, and mental development. This burden is like a backpack they have to carry for the rest of their lives, and the more serious the situation, the heavier the backpack.”
In more than 125 countries and territories SOS Children’s Villages supports families in crisis and provides caring families for children who have lost parental care or who are at risk of losing it.
“Every mom and dad knows that raising a child is a major challenge. When parents struggle with poverty, depression, illness or domestic violence, it can become very difficult to give a child what they need to grow. The very real threat of downward spiral in a vulnerable family’s situation too often results in children missing out on the care they need, or even growing up alone and extremely vulnerable. This situation is what SOS Children’s Villages absolutely wants to eradicate,” Says Mr Munsanje.
SOS Children’s Villages calls on everyone to leave no child behind. Every child has the right to a family that cares for them. And because investing in these children, so that they can develop into strong adults who contribute to society, is important for a sustainable future.

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