Green Project Launch in Choma

13-Feb-2020 | News | Dongo Yezi

Green Project is climate resilient project aimed at promoting sustainable livelihoods in Mwapona Community in Choma and Nyawa Chiefdom in Kazungula district. 

Launched on 13th February in Choma, the Green Project will promote gardening activities, bee keeping and tree planting. Economic and nutritional benefits are some of the values yielded out of the Green Project. It carries a local economic empowerment component to ensure sustainable livelihoods for people at the margins of society. 

Ultimately, it will increase the capacity of community structures to provide prevention against family separation, thus promoting quality of care for children who are at the risk of losing guardianship or parental care.  

Dongo Yezi
This article is brought to you by courtesy of SOS CV Zambia. SOS CARE PROMISE NO 9 specifies that "We partner with supporting services and advocate for quality care". Thus, selecting partners for supporting services (e.g. health, education, economic empowerment)/ Monitoring and strengthening partnership/Handing over supporting services/Partnering to advocate for our target group.