National Director's Message - COVID-19

23-Mar-2020 | News | Petronella Chindumba

As we face the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19), now declared as pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO), our Ministry of Health has signed and brought in enforcement two statutory instruments, which will restrict public gatherings and non- essential movements.  
Thus, it is imperative that the National Association undertakes careful measures to safe guard our villages, the children, our communities and staff at large by ensuring comprehensive social distancing to mitigate against the entry and spread of the virus in our villages and work areas.  
The National Association has commenced and will ensure continuation of the following measures: 
  • Placement of hand washing facilities at all village entry gates, and facilities in the villages, which will include alcohol based sanitisers and soaps.   
  • Awareness and dissemination of Ministry of Health materials to Heads of Facilities, mothers, security personnel, and School Authorities. Thus, these Ministry of Health materials on key measures have been brought into force with immediate effect, and have been shared with co-workers.  
  • Engagement with schools authorities to determine the actions for a collaborative approach as well as determining measures being undertaken by the schools in the SOS premises.  
  • Collaborating with schools where we have SOS children to give preparedness for any decisions on schools that may be made by Ministry of General Education  
  • SOS related public gatherings such as FS meetings, and sports meetings should only be held by reducing the number of hours if deemed real essential for the NA, otherwise if they are determined non-essential and will not cause any material effects to the programmatic operations of the village constituents and the NA at this time, they will be suspended until further notice.   
In the event of prior arranged public gatherings with communities, the National Association will ensure reducing the number of hours, if essential. Otherwise we will contact and work with the Ministry of Health to seek clearance.  
In the event an individual presents the COVID -19 symptoms, by procedure we will call the Zambia National Public Health Institute numbers below: 
Mobile - +260974493553 Mobile - +260964638726 Mobile  - +260953898941 
Because COVID-19 is an unprecedented pandemic with far-reaching health, economic and social implications, especially for the most vulnerable children and communities, the National Association will strictly observe the mitigating measures issued by the Ministry of Health.  
By National Director and Executive Management. 

Petronella Chindumba
Brand and Communications