Strengthening National Alternative Care Implementation & Information Management

09-Jun-2020 | Projects | Petronella Chindumba

Brief general description of the project/programme

The overall aim of the proposed 2-year project is to strengthen evidence-based national alternative care policies, management information systems, focusing on children that have lost or are at risk of losing parental care with the view to improve service provision and case management.

The Project will establish country inter-sectoral groups, comprised of relevant government ministries, civil society organizations, academia as well as target group representatives and will support these groups to conduct assessments of national alternative care systems. Each country group will develop a final report including recommendations for improving alignment of their respective alternative care policies, with the Guidelines for Alternative Care of Children. 

Additionally, the project will provide ‘seed funds’ that each country group can use to motivate further support from other relevant stakeholders, to address priorities identified by national assessments. Given the current low priority of and capacity in alternative care in many countries, the Project will also provide project leads for each country group to support assessment and coordination with relevant national stakeholders.

The lack of reliable data on children in alternative care is due in part to low availability of verifiable and feasible methodologies. The project will adapt the Tracking Progress Initiative survey tool (TPI) for the country assessments. The TPI tool is a free, web-based, interactive diagnostic and learning tool designed to (1) enable national actors to determine the extent to which their country has effectively implemented the Guidelines and (2) identify priorities for change. To date, The Tracking Progress Tool has seen limited use and therefore, an additional aim of the Project is to contribute to further understanding of the tool as well as to update the tool for continued use in African contexts.

In terms of Project Theory of Change (ToC) - the creation of an inter-sectorial analysis space aims to generate relevant information (data) as well as allow for a joint and consensual building of knowledge and lines of action, as an input for the planning of comprehensive strategies for fully complying with the Guidelines for Alternative Care of Children.

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