BayWa Foundation Grant -Teenage Mothers’ Training

28-Aug-2020 | News | Petronella Chindumba

During the month of January 2020 teenage mothers were recruited from the communities surrounding SOS Lusaka location to undergo skills training at SOS training centre. Among the 20 selected teenage mothers, ten (10) were placed under Designing ,cutting and tailoring department and the other ten were placed in the catering department. Initially, the training session was scheduled to commence as from January 2020 and end in December 2020, upon writing TEVET examinations. However this was not to be as the closure of all training institutions was later effected.


Soon after a three month lockdown, government of Zambia allowed training institutions and schools to open, especially examinations classes. Teenage mothers reported for training on the first of July 2020 and completed their registration process. Training commenced on the 8th of July 2020 after a long weekend and also upon registration of the remaining five teenage mothers. All activities concerning the training of teenage mothers were budgeted for and requests for purchasing requisites were done. Materials have been bought for the teenage mothers, especially those that hinges on the safety of the students. Protective clothing and safety boots for the twenty teenage mothers have been procured and distributed to them. Training materials for market gardening have also been acquired and practical work has commenced too. An Agriculture science instructor has also been sourced as per budgeted activities and structure.

Since then all the teenage mothers have been attending classes regularly and are progressing very well in their training. In as much as we are progressing with training of mothers, we have been confronted with the problem of handling their children who were supposed to be in school at the same time their mothers were attending training. Since the closure of non-examination classes, all kindergartens have remained closed and hence our inability to place the children in school (kindergartens). Currently, teenage mothers’ siblings and relatives are the ones taking care of their children, especially that they too are not attending classes.



Petronella Chindumba
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