Building Socio-Economic Resilience for Persons with Disabilities in Ndola and Ma

28-Aug-2020 | News | Petronella Chindumba

Together for Inclusion (TOFI)


Project Goal: The goal of the project is that vulnerable families with Persons with Disabilities (PWD), affected by the consequences of COVID-19 in Zambia, have increased social and economic resilience, food security, adequate nutrition and shared decision making.


The Specific Objectives of the project are:


Specific Goal 1:  200 persons with disabilities in Ndola and Masaiti are economically empowered 2 


Specific Goal 2: Increased resilience for 200 persons with disabilities   


Specific Goal 3: Seven (7) Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs) demonstrate increased voice and agency to influence social and economic stakeholders  


The Project Partners: The project will be jointly implemented by SOS Children’s Villages Zambia (SOS Zambia) and Zambia Agency for Persons with Disabilities in Ndola and Masaiti, and in partnership with the target DPOs. The project will support the existing coordination mechanism at the city/ town level to function effectively under the leadership of the Ndola City Mayor and Masaiti Council Secretary to combat the COVID-19 pandemic. The Project will work with key influential groups, trusted community groups (community leaders, religious leaders, health workers, community volunteers) and local networks (women’s groups, youth groups, business groups) to build their capacity for awareness raising and promoting healthy practices through participatory interventions in the targeted communities.

 Target Group: The target group is PWD who face barriers that hinder full and effective participation in society and that become even more vulnerable during the Covid-19 pandemic. In the targeted area, the most common disability is blindness. Approximately 200 PWD will benefit directly from the project. Around half of them will be women and girls, who are particularly vulnerable. In addition, the larger community will be indirect beneficiaries of the COVID-19 information campaign the project will implement.

Budget: SOS Children’s Villages foresee a budget of NOK 507 480 for 12 months to implement the planned project.


Petronella Chindumba
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