The SOS Vocational Training Center

01-Oct-2020 | News | Petronella Chindumba

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The Vocational Training Centre became operational in 2005. It provides skills training to orphans and vulnerable youths, to enable them sustain themselves in later life. The long term, overarching development goals of the VTC are:

? To establish and facilitate programmes that aim at strengthening families and preventing the abandonment of youths through provision of life sustaining skills.  

? To provide quality skills that will enable vulnerable youths to compete favorably on the labor market.

? To provide skills training and projects for economic development and self-reliance.  ? To develop entrepreneurial skills in youths. 

The increase in the number of youths requiring skills training has prompted the expansion of the facility, with the vocational training center now offering courses in carpentry and joinery, power electrical, tailoring and food production. 

Petronella Chindumba
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