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13 Aug 2020 | Other
Major plans for the year 2020 The NA will focus on implementation according to the newly developed strategy, which is more results focussed. The NA will also dedicate focus on integration of SOS families in the communities, in line with De-institutionalisation. Tracking foot prints is another focus of the NA in the year 2020. Fundraising through IPD and local partnerships will be a major focus for the country. This is reduce the heavy dependence on the PSA fund support. Download...

Petronella Chindumba
08 Jun 2020 | Books
SOS Children’s Villages is committed to ensuring that all children throughout the world have the quality care that is their right. In 1949, Hermann Gmeiner established the first SOS Children’s Village in the face of strong opposition. Our organisation was founded on the belief and recognition – revolutionary at the time – that the most vulnerable children need emotional and physical stability in a family and a community environment to develop to their potential Download...

Petronella Chindumba
15 Apr 2020 | Books
Disruptions caused by COVID-19 and associated containment measures afect children, families and the broader environment. Emergency responses shut some public services and draw significantly on others that are often already stretched. Family environments marked by poverty or limited resources will bear the full brunt of measures used to prevent and control COVID-19, such as restrictions on movement and the use of public transport, leading to reduced income/employment, closure of schools, access to social services and support, hunger and social isolation. Highstress home environments augm Download...

Petronella Chindumba
08 Apr 2020 | PDFs
Statistics for Africa as at April 3 2020 indicate 7,064 confirmed cases, 290 deaths and 622 Recoveries. Download...

Petronella Chindumba
02 Apr 2020 | Books
What is care and protection? Until you reach the age of majority – 18 years old in most countries – you are considered a child under the law, and this gives you special rights, such as the right to care and protection. Download...

Petronella Chindumba
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