Our Strategy

The National Association (NA) continues to implement the six (6) of the seven (7) Strategic Initiatives (SI) of the SOS International. These are i) SI 1 - Innovative alternative child care ii) SI 2 - Strengthening Families iii) SI 3 - Empower young people v) SI 4 - Advocate for children v) SI 6 - Simplifying SOS vi) Si 7 - Invest for funding growth.

Results Based Framework (RBM): RBM and monitoring systems are investments, which the SOS International have maintained, to reliably provide trends of impact of the work performed. Supported by online databases of beneficiaries, these systems will equally support the evidence and impact reporting of outcomes attributed to SOS CV Zambia.

Financial Management: A solid financial management system exists at SOS CV Zambia to provide financial reporting related to SOS CV Zambia. For governance reasons, accountability, and transparency, SOS CV Zambia observes principles of corporate governance through auditable financial records produced by auditors who are appointed by the board at the institution’s Annual General Meeting.

Advocacy: The advocacy piece primarily focuses on mainstreaming of SOS CV Zambia models of care, and getting key audiences, such as government and lawmakers, to recognize these models at policy level.