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Home Support

Support children who have lost parents and are kept at Villages in the four locations under our The Family Based Care (FBC) programme.

The Home Support outlines funding requirements in the four locations to support components or full budgets at ZMWK420.00 per child per month, converting to K5,040.00 per month for 1 Family House of 12 children. This is K60,480.00 per annum per home where children are raised.

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Programme Support

Alternatively, you could support components of the Family Strengthening budget as Programme Support in community based programmes to support children, youth, and communities through education scholarships, financial inclusion, food security, and economic empowerment.

Fundamentally, these support mechanisms reduce household poverty and create sustainable community economic growth, through incomes and allowing re-investment into viable agro-business, acquiring assets and increasing disposable income for their families.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

We collectively allow collective responsibility towards socio-economic development and the philanthropy landscape to support Asset Based Community Development models, in Family Based Care and Family Strengthening (FS).

The rationale for this collective responsibility is that there are indicators of poverty in our community where men, women and youth in the targeted rural communities have low household incomes, and are denied the ability to provide for the needs of their families in terms of food, health and education. In Zambia, 60 percent of people live below the poverty line and 42 percent are classified as extremely poor (ZDHS, 2013-14). Poverty rates are highest for female-headed households, with extreme poverty levels of more than 60 percent in rural areas and 15 percent in urban areas. Thus, we will work together in engaging communities in productive livelihood activities to boost household economic portfolios and financial inclusion.

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Bank Details

Bank: Atlas Mara Bank
Branch: Pyramid Plaza
Branch Code: ZM200001
Account Number: 0010300452019
Swift Code: FMBZZMLX
Beneficiary: SOS Children's Village of Zambia Trust